ABU GA 2019 – Tokyo – Nov 19th 2019: Prof. Shiba, quality champion, unveils key levers to build media trust and enrich audience experience Quality management workshop, Hyatt Regency, Shinjuku

ABU GA 2019 – Tokyo – Nov 19th 2019 : Prof. Shiba, quality champion, unveils key levers to build media trust and enrich audience experience
Quality management workshop, Hyatt Regency, Shinjuku

The theme of the 56 ABU Assembly is “Building trust Enriching audience experience”.
It says “with the media landscape drastically changing, audiences are seeking more diverse and higher quality experiences through multiple platforms“.

Ryoichi Ueda, president of NHK (new president of ABU) saying that: “we are the emergence of new media brought about by the digitalization of broadcasting and wider use of the internet. We in the broadcast media will not be able to survive unless we adapt to this change.

In short, under drastic technology change, diverted audiences seeking higher quality experiences, PSB needs to act right now.
Then, what should we do?

Our quality management Workshop focuses on this urgent issue. Our QM workshop will provide powerful and practical management methodologies which help to achieve high quality experiences of the audiences.

Our workshop consists in three parts:

  1. “Building Public Trust through ISAS MEDIA 9001”: M. Eng. David Balme, CEO of Challenge Optimum SA, will introduce the key quality management tools needed to build long-term public trust in media organizations.
  2. “Digital certification, Why, When, How ?” David Balme, on behalf of Prof. François Blayo, CEO of Ipseite, will show new tools able to automatically check the conformance of multimedia contents with editorial, technical and artistic requirements.
  3. Worldwide well-known Guru of Quality Management and Breakthrough Management, professor Shoji Shiba introduces three powerful and proven tools which your senior managers can apply immediately.
    Firstly, tools to identify critical signals among many noises. Because Your senior managers need to identify what is the critical and hidden issues which are occurring in your business environment.
    Secondly, new public opinion survey method to confirm the mindset of audiences which are changing very drastically.
    Thirdly, professor Shiba will introduce key critical strategy for initiating new activity within your organization.
  4. Then after three presentations, we will discuss how to locally make fit these tools through groups and personal interaction.
The logistics of workshop

Time: November 19th at 9:00AM
Where: Room Asuka, Hyatt Regency, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Speakers` profile

David Balme

      • M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (McGill University)
      • M. Eng. Telecommunications systems (Telecom Paris’Tech)
      • CEO, Challenge Optimum SA, member of the Worms Safety Alliance
      • Designer of the Click-N-Manage software platform to describe and optimize corporate operations.

François Blayo

      • PhD in Machine Learning (EPFL)
      • Chief Scientist Officer at Neoinstinct
      • CEO of IPSEITE & Founder of Veriflies and Brief&Go

Shoji Shiba

      • Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University
      • Order of the Sacred Treasure (Japan)
      • Deming Prize for Individuals (Japan)
      • Padma Shri national award (India)
      • Grand Cross Order of Merit (Hungary)
      • Georges Borel Medal (European Organization for Quality)
      • Academician Emeritus (International Academy for Quality)
      • Visiting and Adjunct Professor, MIT, USA
      • Chair of Innovation, Queen`s University-Belfast
      • Champion, Institute of Quality Assurance, UK
      • Advisory Professor, Jiao Tong University, China
      • Distinguished Professor, IIT-Kanpur, India

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